I went to see my aunt for the second time since she moved to assisted living. 

Talked both times about the plaque and this time she said one of the nurses wanted to know about getting one...I had to show my aunt on the back all the info and pointed out to her that St. Joseph the carpenter was on the plaque. 

She loves it... thank you thank you thank you again for helping my Uncles' memory special.


Celina, OH

“You absolutely took my breath away with that plaque!!!!! 

I'm serious, both Jack and I gasped when we opened it!! 

Scott & Jane - that is the most incredible gift. 

Thank you so much!! 

I told Jack that this is one of those things you take with you to the nursing home when you're old!! 

(ok...I'm trying not to rush things here)



Michelle loved your plaque. She was more impressed at the detail and everything then me getting her a gift, so hats off to you.

She showed it to everyone, and they thought it was very nice.

It looks great like I knew it would, you did a great job. Thanks again and if I need anything in the near future I’ll let you know.

Thanks again,


Celina, OH

I want to thank you again for making such a beautiful keepsake for our friend.  She loved it more than words can describe and we can't thank you enough for doing such a good job with it.  Your works are beautiful and keep memories alive forever.  Thanks again for your help and making it all happen so quickly for us.

Thank you, L. K.

Minster, OH